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Our services have been successfully put to the test in buildings, infrastructure and development projects across South Africa and in many other African Countries. Our experience includes electrical and electronic solutions in the industrial and buildings market sectors including residential, commercial, retail, leisure factories, warehousing and infrastructure projects such as MV and LV reticulation

Our Specialisations

We specialise in electrical and electronic systems as described below

Standby Power Systems

Our standby system designs cater for clients with various requirements – from under 100kVA to well over 5MVA.

Distribution Voltage Systems

We specialise in medium voltage and low voltage designs. This includes the distribution of power from the main supply up to the point of consumption.

Electronic Security

CCTV and access control is of high importance in many businesses. Understanding these requirements, we ensure our clients get the tailor made systems they require.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies​

For mission critical systems, UPS power is essential and our designs ensure that downtime to end users are limited.


Living and working spaces require general and, sometimes, specialised lighting systems. Many flagship buildings or organisational headquarters require decorative lighting as well. Our engineers and technicians have vast experience in all manner of lighting solutions.

Smoke Detection

Life and building safety cannot be understated. For this reason, we ensure that buildings are equipped with compliant systems that detects smoke and fires and warns occupants to evacuate.

Our Recent Projects

Our list of successfully completed projects in various sectors are indicated below





Resort & Leisure