Our Approach

To ensure that our clients get the full benefit of our service offering, we apply the following to all our projects:

Meticulous Planning​​

“If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” Project execution without planning is like building without a foundation. For this reason, we ensure that our project start-ups are second only to our finished products.

Completion On Time​

“Rome was not built in a day.” This is true, but we also understand that clients cannot wait for 1000 years for their projects to be completed. We assist our clients by ensuring that projects are completed within realistic time frames.

Perfect Execution​

“Actions speak louder than words”, which is why we pride ourselves in executing our projects with excellence.

Affordable Rates

“A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!” Our fee structures ensure that our clients always get the best value for money.

Our Specialization

Our experienced engineers and technicians have ample experience in delivering engineered solutions in the following fields of electrical and electronic engineering:

Standby Power Systems

Clients who cannot afford any production downtime have successfully made use of our services to provide them with appropriate standby generator solutions for their facilities. Our experience range from single units under 100kVA, to more complex transfer schemes comprising multiple generators supplying step – up transformers for distribution at medium voltage (11kV).

Uninterrupted Power Supplies

In an age where information is critical to business processes, we have ensured that our clients remain operational by provided UPS systems custom made to their requirements. Our service offering includes any size UPS, static or dynamic (rotary), to ensure uninterrupted functionality to our clients.

Distribution Systems

Seeing that power without control, is nothing, we pride ourselves therein that our distribution systems are optimal for supplying power from the source, up to each and every point of consumption. Points of consumption range from plug outlets, air conditioning plant, low voltage motor control centers, and even medium voltage motor feeders. Distribution systems do not only comprise of the reticulation of power, but also the metering of power, as well as the control and protection of loads.


Lighting has a major impact in the working and living spaces that humans operate in. For this reason, the lighting schemes within buildings and spaces need to be designed such that it optimises efficiencies, and also ensure human comfort and safety. We specialise in advising clients, architects, interior designers and other business partners on which lighting schemes to employ in their buildings, taking into account statutory regulations, but also ensuring we design with the end user in mind.

Electronic Systems

Modern buildings are not just a place to live or work, but also intelligent organisms that interact with their occupants. Building and facility managers understand that control and visibility of building functions are critical to their success. Our service offerings therefore include extensive knowledge on CCTV, access control, BMS and smart building systems and solutions.

Smoke Detection

Spaces with higher occupancy tend to be more prone to unwanted or dangerous situations. Our knowledge of smoke detection systems ensure the safety of occupants within buildings, and also of the buildings themselves.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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